Recycle Solutions for Pet Food and Pet



Crisps & Snacks & Nuts

- Nuts & Dried Fruits

Fruits & Vegetables

- Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

- Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Ready Meals

- Frozen Ready Meals

Bars & Biscuits & Cereals

- Cereals

- Snack Bars

- Sweet Biscuits & Cookies

Dairy & Ice Cream

- Cheese

- Other Dairy Products

Baby Nutrition

- Wet Baby Food

Bulk, Foodservice & Institutional

- Bulk Liquids

Meat, Fish & Seafood

- Frozen Meat & Poultry

- Processed Meat & Poultry


Dry Beverages

- Coffee

Pet Care

Pet Food

- Pet Food Dry

- Pet Food Snacks, Treats & Chews

Home Care

Cleaning & Laundry

- Dishwashing Detergents

- Fabric Care

- Household Wipes/Paper

Sustainability options


Designed to be recycled, if clean and dry, through existing store drop-offs or curbside where available.



-Five variants of film available

-Excellent film clarity and product visibility

-Great appearance on shelf

-Resistant to damage

-Line efficient

-Fitments available

-Recycle ready

-No compromise on performance

Customer benefits

-Film clarity (product visibility through window)

-Shelf appearance (stand up on shelf, smooth flat seals, graphics protected from scuffing)

-Abuse resistance (minimize potential damage from product, production process or rough handling in supply chain)

-Line efficiency (high packs-per-minute, high run speeds, low dwell times)

-Improved sustainability: 60% reduction in non-renewable energy use, 46% reduction in carbon footprint, 18% reduction in water consumption*


End consumer benefits

-Great appearance and stand-out on shelf

-See the product inside clearly

-Know that the packaging can be recycled, if clean and dry, through existing store drop-offs or curbside where available

-Know that the production of the packaging generated savings in environmental impact

-Know that it is recycle ready with no compromise on performance: same product protection, shelf life and convenience features

Technical Specifications
  Filling process

-Cold Fill

-Hot Fill

-Ambient Fill


-Bags & Pouches


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