Our ambition is to become the first choice in sustainable packaging solutions. Sustainability lies at the center of the Nordpak strategy.

Founded in 1993, Nordpak is an innovative printer and converter of flexible packaging specializing in Preformed Pouches, Roll Fed Film, Rollstock with pre-applied zippers, and Laminate Structures.

An in-house Prepress Department enables us to provide the utmost in quality printing, control and flexibility.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as, Direct Laser Engraving (in-the-round-imaging, seamless plates, etc.) and a defect detection system ensures the highest quality and consistency.

We are committed to providing unparalleled quality products coupled with responsive and professional communication. Our goal is to be a company that customers want to do business with.

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Flexible Packaging at Nordpak

Reducing the amount of material used to package your product is a great first step to lowering the negative impact it can have on the environment.

The lightweight preformed pouch products and roll stock from Nordpak provide a higher product-to-package ratio, help create fewer emissions during transportation and take up less space in landfills after use.

We offer a wide variety of sustainable packaging material solutions to help brands take the next step forward as compostable and recyclable packaging innovators.


A product or package that can be collected, separated, or otherwise recovered from the waste stream through an established recycling program for reuse or use in manufacturing or assembling another item.


At Nordpak, we offer the technical assistance needed to develop a renewable package.

This term means that the raw materials (in whole or part) used to create the packaging, are derived from a natural resource and/or, a resource that can be renewed, such as wood pulp.

From Renewable
From Renewable

A more recent development in sustainable flexible packaging is the utilization of PCR content in the film structure’s polyethylene and/or polyester components.

Adding recycled content to the film structure derives the following additional benefits:

From Renewable

Addresses important sustainability goals

Address changing extended producer responsibility (EPR) requirements across the state.

Create a "pull through" effect in the recycling flow by increasing recycling participation and investment.Favorable Environment Life Cycle Analysis (LCA):

  • emission reduction
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Reduce fossil fuel mining



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